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How To Overcome "The Stuck"

February 5, 2018

I’m forcing myself to do this right now. It’s late and I’m trying to be a morning person. But when the inspiration comes, it comes, and you just have to go with it.


I feel like I have a lot to say so bear with me because I don’t necessarily know where this is going, i just feel strongly that I'm supposed to write it all down. And maybe share it. Or not. I guess if you’re reading this I decided to share it.


2017 was a year I will never forget, one of the most monumental and exhilarating times of my life, but if I can be honest, the last several months have been some of the hardest and most trying times. It was like a big roller coaster ride, I finally got to the top, the view was incredible, my heart was full of anticipation, and then it just got stuck.


It’s ok that it got stuck. It happens, and not everything is always going to be smooth. But the problem is, we get used to the view and it’s hard to move forward.


I have a feeling many people find themselves here. Maybe it’s noticeable to you, maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s because something happened to you or just because somewhere along the way you forgot you can have, you can do, and you can be more.


I’m a person who can easily coast and easily want to stay comfortable, yet at the same time I’m someone who is not satisfied with being comfortable. I’m a walking paradox. But I know that the first is my flesh and the second is my spirit, and to get unstuck I have to listen to that side of me telling me I can be more.


So, these are the things I’m telling myself right now while trying to get unstuck and I hope they can be of value to you as well!


1. Don’t let the enemy devour your confidence


This isn’t some phony thing I’m saying to sound spiritual. It's so real in my own life and I have to be aware of it. The enemy wants to take your confidence, give you excuses, reasons why you shouldn’t work towards that goal, and poke holes in what you KNOW is true.


I can’t tell you how many times God has proven himself with me, like CLEARLY, yet I still question him, question myself, and I stay in the same place, crippled by fear.


You have to first of all be aware that it’s happening, and then know how to fight it. He is deceitful, conniving and SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR. Stand against. Be confident in who you KNOW God has created and is calling you to be. Remember all the times He’s been faithful and let that be the truth you cling to.


2. Just take one step at a time.


I’m someone who feels like I have to fix everything at once, I have to have it all figured out before I start. But progress means taking one INTENTIONAL step at a time. A lot of times we wait till all the pieces fit together; but if we wait for money or time or permission or even confidence, we’ll never start. Practically speaking, this means filling your days with purpose. Less phone, less TV, (Talking to myself !) and more of what you actually want to see happen within you and through you, not just what is easy.


3. Realize how much it’s not about you.


Take time to step outside of your own mind, your own life, and see the needs of the people and the world around you. It will make you grateful, inspired, purposed, and honestly, free.


4. Catch your drift.


Have you ever felt so sure about where you were going but all of a sudden it’s like you were out in the middle of the ocean and can’t see the land anymore?  Somehow you ended up so far from where you were intending to be. You don’t know how it happened, but you drifted. To catch it, we have to give ourselves time to think and breath. Give you MIND rest. Set the time aside, think about where you’re going and align your actions to follow where you want to be. Things don’t just happen on their own: whether its breaking bad habits, starting something new, accomplishing a dream or a goal, it takes intention and hard work and catching your drift.


5. Make time for Jesus.



Not just checking something off your to-do list, but actually going to the place where you find him. Sometimes I avoid that place. Sometimes it’s easier not to go there. But then I become anxious - and my root of fear and doubt is always that I’ve neglected that place. And then I realize it’s out of that time that everything else falls into place, and with all the things that need my attention and time, it’s THAT time that actually matters the most.


There’s a lot more to say, but this is enough to wrap our head around for one day,  Let’s take steps forward. Maybe you set goals for this year and you’re already so far and feel like you’re failing. It’s not too late. It’s a new month, new you! ;) Join me as I try to overcome the stuck. WE CAN DO IT!


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