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Song Stories Part One: Closer to Where You Are

October 28, 2017



Watch this ^ :)


In January 2016, my husband Maison and I took the first couple days and set aside time to get away to intentionally plan for the year ahead. We took an online goal setting class (we’re really that nerdy) and came up with our goals and action steps. My most daunting goal was recording my own music. I’ve always dreamed of it, but like most things if you’re not intentional about it, it doesn’t happen.


Fast forward to the last day in May (half the year has gone by) when I realized I had not written one single song and hadn’t done a thing to accomplish my goal. So, I decided I was going to take on a the task of writing a song every day for the whole month of June. While I didn’t actually write a complete song every single day, I tried. And I wrote a lot of bad songs which eventually led me to good songs.


However, this song, Closer to Where You Are was actually the very first song I wrote on June 1st. I never imagined it would actually go on an album, but here we are. It means so much to me. If you watch my video, you’ll hear me spill my guts and you’ll understand just how much!


But it’s incomprehensible to me, yet so realistic, the ability I have to forget about my need for God. We were all born with the desire for more and the understanding that this is not all there is (Ecclesiastes 3:11). And even when we experience God’s presence, or get revelation of his realness and closeness, we forget. It’s just so easy to let your days and the things that fill them blind you from what is most important.


It’s not bad to love life, to love your family and your job and the things you have, but may we not let the things of this life make us forget about our first love.


“Jesus my treasure, always forever

No great love has this heart ever known”


My wall reminder + my cat, Leo, of course 


In our culture that begs for every ounce of my attention, I need to remember my true treasure. Nothing in the world can replace it, no one else can satisfy.


The chorus is about knowing how good it is to be close to Jesus, to know his presence and desire it and to remember that in the end, it’s all we really need.


“I’m standing closer to where you are

Desperate to know your heart

Oh I have tasted and seen

So I’m coming back to the very start

When Jesus is all that I’ve got

And all that you are is all I’ll ever need.”


I want that kind of hunger. To be so close that you just want to be closer. To have "tasted and seen" until you know in your mortality it can't fully be quenched. To remember what it felt like when you first learned the truth that set you free and it was all that mattered. I think there's something significant about being desperate. I think we all carry a desire for more, and this chorus is that cry. 


The whole song came naturally to me, except for the bridge. For some reason the words just would not come out the way I wanted them to. But I’m so glad I didn’t settle! It ended up being one of my favorite lyrics from the whole EP. It’s so simple but something I know people need to believe.


“I draw near, you come close

I bring shame, you bring hope”


His word literally tells us in James 4:8 that when we draw near to God he comes close to us. It’s a promise. It doesn’t always mean you feel it, but He’s there. No matter how long you’ve been away or forgotten, no matter how far you think you are, you don't have to bring shame. Because it's not about what you bring to the table, it's about what Jesus brings to the table.


This lyric actually meant so much to one of my "girls" or "mentees" that she actually painted it on her parking spot at school! So. Special. 


I didn’t expect the response this song has gotten. But the truth is, we’re not alone in what we go through and the way that we feel. Your heart’s cry is probably what someone else needs to hear. In my case, it’s in the form of a song that can be sung by other people. But it’s just vulnerability, however it looks. And I’m encouraged by how sharing my heart can be the key to unlocking what another needs to hear and pray. Don’t underestimate your voice. 


I leave you with this:  Don’t forget who your treasure is. If you’re looking for a satisfaction that you haven’t found yet, ask God to reveal himself to you. If you seek it, you’ll find it. If you draw near, He’ll come close.


Feel free to answer these questions or process them with comments or questions below. If you liked the video, please subscribe to my channel or leave your email on my website to get updates about new content!



What is a goal or a dream you have that you have pushed aside or just haven’t been intentional about? What would it look like to accomplish it? What action steps do you need to take?


Would you say that Jesus is the treasure of your life? Does your life reflect that?


Have you ever tried to find satisfaction in things or people? How did or how does it make you feel?


Do you believe that God can and will come close to you?


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